About Isabel

Passionate about History, curious reader, and Crazy Chicken Lady

Isabel Giustiniani was born in Italy, the land of Romeo and Juliet, but she has always worked in the rather unromantic field of IT Help Desk. Her life finally took different paths, leading her, along with her children and husband, first to Portugal and then to Australia.

From the window of her home in Portugal, Isabel had the fortune to admire a medieval castle, which ignited her passion for delving into the past. It was during this time that “Storie di Storia” was born, a History blog she has been managing since 2013, came into existence.

She takes great pleasure in crafting tales filled with intrigue and adventure set in ancient times. When she’s not engrossed in books, researching for her next novel, or tending to her garden and her Australorp chickens, she lets her other creative side flourish by engaging in drawing and designing planners.